Juice Jelly – Can It Forward Day – July 22nd, 2016

Earlier this year, I looked up the dates for the 2016 Can It Forward event and thought I had plenty of time to plan for this.  Can It Forward is a yearly event where people all over the world can and watch videos on canning to learn.  I love all the videos but also enjoy a new reason to can as well. Read more »

Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix

Today is the day we make more taco seasoning mix.  We prefer not to purchase the premade packages at the store, instead we make our own. Read more »

June’s Garden and Soil Testing

We are still learning a lot and this year our lessons have been plentiful.  Being so eager to get the homestead rolling, we got our seeds out and when it was time, we rushed out to put them in the ground.  Then we waited…..and waited…. and waited.  Lesson one:  Test your soil and amend it before planting. Read more »

Plant-Based Meal Plan 5/9/2016

My weight continues to climb.  I’m stepping up my activity and only bought one processed food this week.  It was the veggie dogs my son has been asking for, which made it easy for him to make them on Mothers Day, so I got the night off from the kitchen.  We also had a splurge day on Saturday for my sons 18th birthday.  He got to pick anywhere he wanted to eat for lunch and dinner and, of course, picked all the wrong foods.  I didn’t complain but in the back of my head, my mind was telling me how wrong it was. Read more »

Lentil Shepard’s Pie

When we first switched to plant based meals, we started off by adjusting some of our favorite meals to fit the new lifestyle. Comfort foods, such as Shepard’s Pie, made it easier on us.  Often I don’t use a recipe or I look at 3-4 recipes online to get a feel for the ingredients and go from there.    This recipe is one that I knew how to make and just made adjustments to fit our lifestyle.

Read more »

Wildlife on the Farm

Spring is here and the wildlife is out and about. Read more »

Plant Based Menu Plan 5/3/2016

Even the best laid out plans don’t always go through as desired.  Menu planning is the same way.  Read more »

Weigh in and Plant Based Meal Plan 4/25/16

This weekend I had been thinking about how our diet has changed since we went plant based.  We started out great and excess weight dropped off.  But recently we have been eating more “meatless” processed foods.  The result is slower weight loss and I’m just not feeling as healthy.  So this week, I’m pulling us back in the right direction.  We will be using what we have on hand, but I will limit my purchases of processed foods. Read more »

Plant-Based Meal Plan 4/20/16

Sometimes life sends you unexpected curves.  We just learn to go with the flow.

My company didn’t make it last week due to a family emergency.  So many of the meals we planned for last week will be carried over to this week since I had bought a lot of supplies.  I will still be shopping this week because there is an amazing sale on the produce that we use often.  Read more »

Unintentional Treasure Hunt

Living so far away from the conveniences of a modern town often means planning meals and shopping trips in advance.  Our neighbor suggested the benefits of shopping online from Amazon to be well worth the price of shipping, including the things we often take for granted such as toilet paper.  It is an art that we still need to perfect, since we still manage to drive almost an hour into either Snowflake or Show Low once a week and sometimes more when things don’t go together as planned. Read more »