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Our Lifestyle Change

Sometimes in life, we make changes. For our health, these are the changes we made.

By giving a little history about our family you will better understand the changes we made. Each member of our household, as with most households eating the standard American diet full of fast foods and processed foods, has health issues.

My husband had severe gut and colon issues (Crohn’s Disease) that left him weak, feeling ill, and in pain most days. I have thyroid issues, arthritis, pre diabetic, and high blood pressure. My son has ADHD. My daughter was having extreme anxiety at school to the point where she was missing days, failing, and had started to become depressed. With the exception of my daughter, we are also all obese. 

My sister told me she was on a new diet and losing weight while maintaining a high energy level. At that point, my energy had dropped to where I needed a nap 1-2 times a day. She gave me some names of doctors that she said I should check out on YouTube. Those happened to be the doctors who wrote the books The China Study and The Starch Solution. From there I went to Netflix and watched a movie mentioned in their videos called Forks over Knives (highly recommend).

The movie mentioned a plant based whole foods diet (high carb, low fat) and explained the benefits of it. We talked it over and decided we had nothing to lose, so we would give it a go. Since we still had items in the house that didn’t pertain to this lifestyle, we decided our transition would include using up those items so we aren’t wasteful, but from that point on, not purchasing any animal products or highly processed foods. I also started reading and researching everything I could to help us with the new lifestyle.

I thought that my husband would be resistant because he drank soda daily, craved sugars, got moody if he didn’t get them, and piled junk food into the shopping cart like it was part of the food pyramid. He was also insistent that when we were in town, we had to treat ourselves to fast food. What I learned later was that he was in so much pain from his gut and colon that he was willing to be strong and give up the bad things that were hurting him. I cannot explain how proud of him I am for how much he gave up and stuck with it.

Our transition went smooth. We made recipes that were comfort foods to us but substituting lentils for meat. We had lentil tacos, Sheppard’s pie with lentils instead of beef and made the gravy from vegetable stock. I learned to make ranch dressing with eggless mayo and non dairy milk, and we had spaghetti with more vegetables so the meat wasn’t even missed. I will post recipes soon. My daughter attends public school and had decided she will be eating school lunches and follow our high carb, low fat lifestyle at home.

Our start date was January 24th, 2016. At that time, we all weighed in and my husband and I also took our blood pressure and blood sugar. One month later we followed up on that with great results. My energy levels went through the roof. Some days I still nap but it is usually because I’m up before the sun. My blood sugar did go up a bit at first but then came down as I eliminated most fats. My husband isn’t in pain anymore. I am totally amazed by that. Every now and then he will have some discomfort and we right away look at what we had eaten so we can try to evaluate what it was. Both my husband’s and my blood pressure has moved to within a normal range for the first time since we were young. My arthritis pain has decreased and most days I have no pain. I am still on medication for blood pressure and arthritis but hoping if it keeps improving that they will remove the need for it. My son seems to be more alert and focused when given a task (come to think of it, I am as well). My daughter isn’t having anxiety attacks at school anymore, has brought all her grades up from D’s to A’s and B’s, and her skin is so healthy looking. And most of us have lost a bit of weight.

I wanted to touch a bit on our weight loss. I want to say that I have lost more inches than pounds so I wish we would have taken measurements to start with as well, but the focus was on our health and not that weight loss. Though, the health improves as the weight gets closer to a healthy level.
Our one month weigh in: My daughter maintained her weight and her health issues are improving. My son (he will be 18 in a few months) has lost 10 pounds. My husband has lost 7 pounds. And I have lost almost 10.5 pounds. I am also down by a few pants sizes.

I was also able to pick up these books at a local thrift store that were almost new for really cheap. These have some great recipes and information in them.

Plant Based Books

At this point, our new journey has been amazing and I am excited for all we do. I will eventually post a few menu plans and recipes so you can get an idea of how we eat on a daily basis. Just so you know, we don’t count calories and if you are hungry, you eat till you are satisfied. Imagine that, eating whenever you want and still being healthy and losing weight.

Breakfasts usually consist of a starch and fruit, lunches are usually leftovers or the best burritos ever, dinners vary depending on our mood. At the beginning of the week, we make a menu but hardly ever stick to it because some days we didn’t plan on being busy and the menu list may take a while for preparation. This is something we are working on. I’ll get more into details on what we eat a bit later.

Well, in a nutshell, that is our new lifestyle. It might seem extreme to some, but we don’t feel very restricted at all (with the exception of walking down the potato chip isle at the grocery store). I really love how I feel eating this way and hope we can live like this forever.

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  1. James Rego says:

    3 months plant based diet. Tons of energy for me. It’s not to terrible to switch. If your out and a bout and have to eat, Taco Bell has a lot of items you can eat. Just stay away from Meat,cheese and sour cream.

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