Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 7 Who Let The Cows Out?

Today was my switch from potatoes to rice.  I started my day making rice.  That was followed by making rice milk.

My blood sugar was at 102.  I am so happy about it coming down.

For breakfast I had some rice with rice milk, sweetener, and cinnamon.  I ended up also adding a handful of cranberry-raisins.  I didn’t soak the raisins but I think if would have made it more yummy.


For lunch I had some rice with some KimChee. So simple!

Sorry I forgot to take a picture.




We had a lot of appointments and running around do to and didn’t get back until after 5.  By that time I was exhausted and my creativeness was gone.  For dinner I made some rice into lime cilantro rice with salsa, garlic salt, and the rest of the leftover veggies.  I also had this for late night snack as well.



As we were sitting down to dinner, I glanced out the front window and just the other side of the fence was some grazing cows.  I guess it was their dinner time too.


Stay tuned for day 8.




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