Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 1 and 2


We are doing well so far, but eating without a big variety makes eating boring.  On the bright side, it stops you from overeating as well.

I’m not a professional photographer, by any means, but I did my best to photograph for you what we ate.

Day 1

Pre-Breakfast (I call it Pre-Breakfast because it was 3am and I felt hungry) – Shredded hashed browns topped with homemade yellow zucchini salsa we canned this summer, a small amount of ketchup, and some hot sauce and a banana.  The zucchini was from the garden.


I used these frozen hash browns from Walmart for convenience while I got used to the diet. They contain no oil


Later, when we were awake, I had a baked potato with a traditional salsa and broccoli.


At lunch time I got a call from my doctor’s assistant saying I was pre-diabetic and should eat lean meats and low carbs.  I don’t think she got the plant based memo.  I spent the rest of the afternoon looking up research on diabetes and plant based diets and found some interesting information.  I will share it with you later.

Since I was a bit confused at that time, instead of potatoes for lunch, I had sautéed cabbage, onion, mushroom, and garlic with broccoli on the side.



For dinner I made mashed potatoes with some vegetable broth, grilled asparagus, a bit of the sautéed vegetables left from lunch, green beans, and some yellow zucchini I grew in the garden and froze to bring homegrown veggies to our meals in winter.



Day 2

Day 2 was not as organized.  It was a lot of snacking all day.  We snacked on foods allowed but didn’t stick to just three meals.

I have lost 1 pound lost.  My blood sugar tested at 113.  The nurse said as long as it was between 110 and 115, we were all right.

For breakfast I had some leftover mashed potatoes, left over green beans, and some diced tomato.  I added a bit of cinnamon to the potatoes.  Cinnamon is to help the blood sugar.


For lunch I had another bowl of mashed potatoes with diced tomato.  I found myself craving this combination.

Snack consisted of two baked potatoes, cold from the fridge and topped with a bit of salt only.  The strange thing is that I was craving candy before this and as I was eating it, I realized I’d rather eat this than gummy bears.

As a Pre-Dinner snack, I thought I’d try making some baked French fries.  I didn’t get a picture but they didn’t look bad.  I still need to perfect my cooking methods though and will share the recipe when I have it perfect.

For dinner we had potatoes O’Brien from frozen, left over French fries, and broccoli.


After dinner I noticed discomfort in my stomach and intestines.  As the night progressed the discomfort turned into pains.  We had to take my daughter to a dance and on the way home I decided I was eating too much starches and not enough greens and was having backing up issues.  When we arrived home, hubby and I split a half head of lettuce and I made a honey mustard dressing.  I also realized I hadn’t had coffee in 2 days and was starting to get a headache, so I made us each a cup of coffee.

I also had a banana before bed.

This did the trick and things started moving again (sorry if this is TMI, but it is real and I wanted to share the entire journey).  Within a few hours, the pains stopped and I felt amazing again.

Stay tuned for day 3 of our plant based Mary’s Mini Diet.







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