Mary’s Mini McDougall Diet Intro


Life changes, when you are not looking, at a moment’s notice.

I recently went into the doctor for a routine check up with some minor aches and had some interesting results.  First they mentioned I was pre-diabetic.  We all know this can be fixed with diet.

I have Hashimoto’s disease.  If you don’t know what this it, it is where the body attacks the thyroid.  I went into the doctor with a large weight gain, very quickly and some aches that I knew were not my arthritis.

I let him know that I felt it this was all due to my thyroid and he let me know it was very unlikely, but agreed to do blood work on it to know for sure.  My results came back the next day twice what the highest normal rate was.  We increased my medicine by 50%.

When you gain weight due to thyroid issues, medicine helps with stopping the weight gain and getting rid of the many symptoms that make you feel horrible.  What it doesn’t do is remove the weight gained due to the thyroid condition.  Sad but true.

I am now on another journey to lose weight again.  Luckily, I had shopped for and planned to start the Mary McDougall’s Mini Diet for 10 days to jump start the weight loss.  I am so lucky to have my husband joining me for support and hopefully to lose a few pounds also.

If you are unfamiliar with Mary’s Mini Diet, it is a no oil, plant based diet with the focus on one starch all day accompanied by green and yellow non starchy vegetables.  You can choose potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, or beans.  Processed foods, oils, breads, tortillas, and pastas are not allowed.

For my plan, I have chosen potatoes.

I will take you along on this journey and share my results in the end.



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