July’s Garden 2016

The garden is growing quickly now.  Here is our progress this month.

Border Protection

We had some rabbit issues so we started bordering the garden with rocks to keep them from digging.

Cashaw Squash

Cushaw Squash is starting to grow.

Corn Tassels

The corn started to tassel when it was only knee high.

Squash Flowers

I just love the huge squash flowers.


The watermelon is growing quickly.

White Onions

The storm blew a few of the white onions over.   They are getting big and it is getting about time to harvest.


Our only cantaloupe is all netted looking and we can’t wait for it to be ready to pick.

Yellow Zucchini

The long wait for fresh zucchini will be over soon.  The zucchini’s are just starting to produce fruit.

Sweet Potato

Out of all the sweet potatoes, we have two survive.  One was chewed on by rabbits but seems to be coming back well.

Giant Pumpkin Plant

Lastly is a picture of our giant pumpkin plant.  No pumpkins yet but the leaves are looking beautiful.

How is your garden growing?




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