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Plant Based Meal Plan 2/6/2017

When I meal plan, I usually just plan for dinners and pick up the basics for lunches and breakfasts. Please follow and like us:

Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 9 – Final Day!

I have decided that today is the last day of my diet and I will be ending it a day early.  I haven’t had any issues with the diet other then I am really bored with it. I weighed in with a 5 pound weight loss and my blood sugar this morning was 99. Please […]

Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 8 – It’s a Girl!

It started like any other day… Please follow and like us:

Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 7 Who Let The Cows Out?

Today was my switch from potatoes to rice.  I started my day making rice.  That was followed by making rice milk. Please follow and like us:

Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 6

Today started out well.  My blood sugar was down to 101.  This is the lowest I have seen it in a very long time. One thing I want to note.  Diets affect different people differently.  I have found that after this many days on the potato diet, my joints that have arthritis have begun to […]

Mary’s Mini Diet Day 5

The day started out with a bit of disappointment but I bounced back quickly. I gained 1 lb!  I know weight does that.  So, in order to not be disappointed again, I have decided not to post a weigh in until the end. Please follow and like us: