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Mary’s Mini Diet Days 3 and 4

Day 3 Day 3 started out amazing with a trip to the scale.  I have lost 3 pounds since starting. I follow by checking my blood sugar.  It was 108.  I am down 5 points from yesterday. I began my day with a huge plate of fruit and a cup of coffee.  I just wasn’t […]

Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 1 and 2

  We are doing well so far, but eating without a big variety makes eating boring.  On the bright side, it stops you from overeating as well. I’m not a professional photographer, by any means, but I did my best to photograph for you what we ate. Please follow and like us:

Mary’s Mini McDougall Diet Intro

  Life changes, when you are not looking, at a moment’s notice. Please follow and like us: