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July’s Garden 2016

The garden is growing quickly now.  Here is our progress this month. We had some rabbit issues so we started bordering the garden with rocks to keep them from digging. Cushaw Squash is starting to grow. The corn started to tassel when it was only knee high. I just love the huge squash flowers. The […]

Juice Jelly – Can It Forward Day – July 22nd, 2016

Earlier this year, I looked up the dates for the 2016 Can It Forward event and thought I had plenty of time to plan for this.  Can It Forward is a yearly event where people all over the world can and watch videos on canning to learn.  I love all the videos but also enjoy […]

Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix

Today is the day we make more taco seasoning mix.  We prefer not to purchase the premade packages at the store, instead we make our own. Please follow and like us:

June’s Garden and Soil Testing

We are still learning a lot and this year our lessons have been plentiful.  Being so eager to get the homestead rolling, we got our seeds out and when it was time, we rushed out to put them in the ground.  Then we waited…..and waited…. and waited.  Lesson one:  Test your soil and amend it […]