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The Rock Hut

Welcome to my little corner of the web aptly named The Rock Hut.  I recently moved from a tropical paradise in South Texas at 13 feet of elevation to the rugged mountains in Arizona at almost 6,000 feet!  To be a little more precise, we live roughly 20 miles away from the Petrified Forest National […]

Gamers Toybox Intro

Welcome everyone to the Gamers Toybox, a place for discussion and discovery about the many aspects of tabletop gaming, including board games, card games, miniatures, and the other styles of gaming that interests you – the player. My name is Patrick and I have been playing games as long as I can remember.  Somewhere in […]

Canning Beans

Canning Beans Our new lifestyle (diet) requires us to use other sources besides meat for protein. Easy enough to do but it does require thought and planning ahead. In order to be frugal, we opt for dry beans instead of canned, but they do require overnight soaking and cooking most of the day. This problem […]

Seed Starting and Storage

Seed Starting and Storage We don’t have the greenhouses up yet so seed starting will be indoors. It’s a bit messy and being in an RV, tight on space, but we will make it work. My sister and brother in law are starting our best seeds down south to bring up when we are ready.  […]

Plant Based Whole Foods Lifestyle

Our Lifestyle Change Sometimes in life, we make changes. For our health, these are the changes we made. By giving a little history about our family you will better understand the changes we made. Each member of our household, as with most households eating the standard American diet full of fast foods and processed foods, […]