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Plant Based Meal Plan 2/6/2017

When I meal plan, I usually just plan for dinners and pick up the basics for lunches and breakfasts. Please follow and like us:

Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 9 – Final Day!

I have decided that today is the last day of my diet and I will be ending it a day early.  I haven’t had any issues with the diet other then I am really bored with it. I weighed in with a 5 pound weight loss and my blood sugar this morning was 99. Please […]

Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 8 – It’s a Girl!

It started like any other day… Please follow and like us:

Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 7 Who Let The Cows Out?

Today was my switch from potatoes to rice.  I started my day making rice.  That was followed by making rice milk. Please follow and like us:

Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 6

Today started out well.  My blood sugar was down to 101.  This is the lowest I have seen it in a very long time. One thing I want to note.  Diets affect different people differently.  I have found that after this many days on the potato diet, my joints that have arthritis have begun to […]

Mary’s Mini Diet Day 5

The day started out with a bit of disappointment but I bounced back quickly. I gained 1 lb!  I know weight does that.  So, in order to not be disappointed again, I have decided not to post a weigh in until the end. Please follow and like us:

Mary’s Mini Diet Days 3 and 4

Day 3 Day 3 started out amazing with a trip to the scale.  I have lost 3 pounds since starting. I follow by checking my blood sugar.  It was 108.  I am down 5 points from yesterday. I began my day with a huge plate of fruit and a cup of coffee.  I just wasn’t […]

Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 1 and 2

  We are doing well so far, but eating without a big variety makes eating boring.  On the bright side, it stops you from overeating as well. I’m not a professional photographer, by any means, but I did my best to photograph for you what we ate. Please follow and like us:

Mary’s Mini McDougall Diet Intro

  Life changes, when you are not looking, at a moment’s notice. Please follow and like us:

Plant-Based Meal Plan 5/9/2016

My weight continues to climb.  I’m stepping up my activity and only bought one processed food this week.  It was the veggie dogs my son has been asking for, which made it easy for him to make them on Mothers Day, so I got the night off from the kitchen.  We also had a splurge […]