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Plant Based Meal Plan 2/6/2017

When I meal plan, I usually just plan for dinners and pick up the basics for lunches and breakfasts. Please follow and like us:

Plant-Based Meal Plan 5/9/2016

My weight continues to climb.  I’m stepping up my activity and only bought one processed food this week.  It was the veggie dogs my son has been asking for, which made it easy for him to make them on Mothers Day, so I got the night off from the kitchen.  We also had a splurge […]

Plant Based Menu Plan 5/3/2016

Even the best laid out plans don’t always go through as desired.  Menu planning is the same way.  Please follow and like us:

Weigh in and Plant Based Meal Plan 4/25/16

This weekend I had been thinking about how our diet has changed since we went plant based.  We started out great and excess weight dropped off.  But recently we have been eating more “meatless” processed foods.  The result is slower weight loss and I’m just not feeling as healthy.  So this week, I’m pulling us […]

Plant-Based Meal Plan 4/20/16

Sometimes life sends you unexpected curves.  We just learn to go with the flow. My company didn’t make it last week due to a family emergency.  So many of the meals we planned for last week will be carried over to this week since I had bought a lot of supplies.  I will still be […]

Eggless Potato Salad

We love potatoes.  But eating baked potatoes every day will get boring, so we found recipes to incorporate our potatoes in a variety of ways. I love mine mashed with a bit of ranch (go here for the recipe).  We have also added potato salad to our meal plans.  We eat this often and it […]

Menu Planning and Our Plant Based Menu

I love to browse other homestead blogs and see what is going on in different climates as well as their plans for dinner.  Menu planning is a great way to save money and keep your life a bit more organized. Please follow and like us: