Plant Based Meal Plan 2/6/2017

When I meal plan, I usually just plan for dinners and pick up the basics for lunches and breakfasts. Read more »

Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 9 – Final Day!

I have decided that today is the last day of my diet and I will be ending it a day early.  I haven’t had any issues with the diet other then I am really bored with it.

I weighed in with a 5 pound weight loss and my blood sugar this morning was 99. Read more »

Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 8 – It’s a Girl!

It started like any other day… Read more »

Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 7 Who Let The Cows Out?

Today was my switch from potatoes to rice.  I started my day making rice.  That was followed by making rice milk. Read more »

Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 6

Today started out well.  My blood sugar was down to 101.  This is the lowest I have seen it in a very long time.

One thing I want to note.  Diets affect different people differently.  I have found that after this many days on the potato diet, my joints that have arthritis have begun to ache and are warm to the touch.

This isn’t a problem.  I won’t be going off the diet before the 10 days are up, but I will be switching from potato based to rice based tomorrow and see if that helps for the remaining 4 days.


I am a real potato lover, but potato after potato gets boring, so today I wanted to jazz it up a bit.

Breakfast we had baked potatoes and apples.  I try to get in one fruit a day…usually in the morning.  If I didn’t snack on at least one or two fruits through the day, I’ll have some juice in the evening.

To make my potatoes different, today I had them with mustard and I sprayed them with pickle juice.  It almost tasted like a potato salad.  I also snuck in a small piece of chocolate.  I’m being honest here.  I’m only human.



For lunch, I made deviled potatoes.  I made these how I would make my deviled eggs, but without the mayo.  I used a bit of veggie broth instead.  I had this with a nice, simple salad, which I topped with salsa.  I couldn’t eat all this, so I ended up eating the other half later for snack.




For dinner I made a potato cheese sauce and served it over boiled potato wedges with broccoli and cauliflower.



As usual, before bed I started to feel a bit hungry.  Hubby and I split a can of beets for snack. I saved the juice because it was so pretty, but I’m not sure what I’m doing with it yet.  I’ll probably add it to my rice tomorrow.


Mary’s Mini Diet Day 5

The day started out with a bit of disappointment but I bounced back quickly. I gained 1 lb!  I know weight does that.  So, in order to not be disappointed again, I have decided not to post a weigh in until the end. Read more »

Mary’s Mini Diet Days 3 and 4

Day 3

Day 3 started out amazing with a trip to the scale.  I have lost 3 pounds since starting.

I follow by checking my blood sugar.  It was 108.  I am down 5 points from yesterday.

I began my day with a huge plate of fruit and a cup of coffee.  I just wasn’t feeling like having potatoes for breakfast.  Coffee normally isn’t allowed on Mary’s Mini, but I didn’t want to feel horrible from the withdrawals this week.

My plate consisted of ¼ of a large cantaloupe, 1 banana, a handful of blueberries and ½ of a tangerine.  This kept me full until lunch.


For lunch, my husband wanted to try out the mandolin I bought him and made us some chips.  We baked some of them in the oven on nonstick mats and put some on the griddle.   We used no oil to cook with.  We had this with a salad and I topped mine with McDougalls Honey Mustard dressing.  I found the recipe a bit too vinegar tasting for my likes but it wasn’t bad.  This kept me full until dinner.


For dinner we had baked potatoes, salad, green beans, beets, and cantaloupe.  I added BBQ sauce to my potato and it was yummy.  I also added salsa to my salad instead of dressing.



Here is our salad bar today.  Not much color, but it was what we had onhand.



I also had a bowl of cantaloupe for snack before bed.  I felt good.

Day 4

Day 4’s weigh in put me at a 5 pound loss since starting.

My blood sugar check was at 104.  Down 4 more points.

I started my morning working a bit, so my wonderful husband made me breakfast.  We had hash browns topped with salsa and a bit of Franks Red Hot sauce, and apple wedges topped with cinnamon.  The hash browns were from frozen, no oil, potato cubes.  I felt they were a bit drying compared to making our own from fresh potatoes, so when the frozen ones run out, we might just pick up a bag of potatoes instead.



Lunch was a baked potato with BBQ sauce and some potato chips my husband baked for me.  I know…no vegetables, but at least there was no oil J



Snack was a cut up apple with cinnamon on it.


Dinner was a big pot of veggie soup with all the vegetables in the fridge I had cut up for salads for the week, plus ½ head of cabbage, a can of diced tomatoes, and a package of mushrooms.  I also topped mine with some homemade sauerkraut.  It was so yummy.



Later in the evening, I started to feel a need to snack.  I didn’t really feel that hungry, just a little bit, so I had another bowl of soup.

I usually call this my refrigerator clean out soup.  At the beginning of the week I like to cut up vegetables and store them in containers in the fridge for quick salads.  The salad bar picture in day 3 shows some of what was left.  At the end of the week, whatever is left goes into soup and we cut up fresh veggies again.

Stay tuned for day 5.



Mary’s Mini Diet – Day 1 and 2


We are doing well so far, but eating without a big variety makes eating boring.  On the bright side, it stops you from overeating as well.

I’m not a professional photographer, by any means, but I did my best to photograph for you what we ate.

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Mary’s Mini McDougall Diet Intro


Life changes, when you are not looking, at a moment’s notice.

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July’s Garden 2016

The garden is growing quickly now.  Here is our progress this month.

Border Protection

We had some rabbit issues so we started bordering the garden with rocks to keep them from digging.

Cashaw Squash

Cushaw Squash is starting to grow.

Corn Tassels

The corn started to tassel when it was only knee high.

Squash Flowers

I just love the huge squash flowers.


The watermelon is growing quickly.

White Onions

The storm blew a few of the white onions over.   They are getting big and it is getting about time to harvest.


Our only cantaloupe is all netted looking and we can’t wait for it to be ready to pick.

Yellow Zucchini

The long wait for fresh zucchini will be over soon.  The zucchini’s are just starting to produce fruit.

Sweet Potato

Out of all the sweet potatoes, we have two survive.  One was chewed on by rabbits but seems to be coming back well.

Giant Pumpkin Plant

Lastly is a picture of our giant pumpkin plant.  No pumpkins yet but the leaves are looking beautiful.

How is your garden growing?